Step Up & Step Down Transformer

We offer high quality Step Down Transformers. It is hard wired, durable with a heavy duty chord. It has a 100 Watt maximum capacity and can be used continuously over a period of time. It has one grounded outlet in front of unit (accepts 3 or 2 prong US and Euro plugs) and reduces the voltage to the fit the next level of desired use. Perhaps it will go to some point in a factory, shop, home or even the much smaller applications and be reduced again to fit a lower voltage piece of equipment.

Step Down Transformers have a primary winding of higher number of turns than the secondary winding. Since power is fixed, lowered voltage results in increased amperage; the lowering of voltage is inversely proportional and results in increase of amperage. Our Step Down Transformers are relatively simple in design and they have the exact ratio of windings in each circuit so as to deliver the appropriate current and voltage. Application, budget and other factors must be considered before installing a particular transformer. Both incoming and outgoing voltages must be known prior to selecting any Step Down Transformer.

We manufacture all our products as per ISI specifications which give an assurance to the customer on the quality of our product. We are equipped with an R&D unit and testing tools and section which has got all tools and testing facilities that support us in supplying products as per client’s specific requirement.


  • 1KVA to 300KVA maximum capacity heavy-duty continuous use transformer
  • One grounded outlet in front of unit (accepts 3 or 2 prong US and Euro plugs)
  • Hard wired
  • Durable design with a heavy-duty cord